Boughton Monchelsea Primary School
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Our Curriculum

Our school curriculum is based on the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2021) (Year R) and on the primary National Curriculum (Years 1 - 6). 

Beyond these essential elements, we have developed a wider curriculum, tailored to the needs of the pupils at Boughton Monchelsea Primary school, which is founded on our school values of excellence, respect, responsibility and determination. 

Our Intent

We aim to create a school community where everyone is committed to achieving excellence in a caring and inspirational learning environment.

Pupils will grow in confidence and independence, building on their natural curiosity, creativity and enthusiasm for learning.

They will develop empathy and respect for others, learning how they can make a difference as responsible citizens at local, national and global levels.

They will acquire the skills and attitudes of lifelong learners, understanding that resilience and determination lead to success.

Our Curriculum Drivers

Four key drivers form the basis of our curriculum 


                        Being Human             The World                Change              Exploration


Being Human

Our children learn how to take care of themselves and each other. They learn about the lives, cultures and beliefs of different people around the world and develop understanding and respect for people with different backgrounds and abilities. Empathy, self-regulation and relational skills are fostered, as we prepare our children for life beyond primary school. The threads of creative expression, innovation and collaboration are woven throughout our wider curriculum. 

The World

Pupils learn about the diverse places, resources and natural and human environments in the world around them, and study the many dynamic physical processes that shape the world.  They learn about the fragility of Earth’s ecosystems, the realities of our changing climate and the importance of sustainable living. 


Pupils learn why and how things have changed over time. They find out about significant people, events and innovations, which have been pivotal in shaping the world as we know it today.  Cause, consequence and reasons for change are explored through a process of critical thinking and evaluation of evidence. 


Our children develop as scientific thinkers, learning to investigate, compare, evaluate and analyse. Pupils reflect and make connections, building on their natural curiosity and are encouraged to question and challenge evidence. They experience the joy of learning and the excitement of developing new skills through a variety of inspiring contexts. 

Curriculum Design

The Boughton curriculum has been designed using high quality cross-curricular and subject-specific resources, which ensure comprehensive coverage of national expectations. 

Our cross-curricular learning is based on the Cornerstones curriculum, a creative and thematic approach, which provides a rich menu of exciting and motivating learning activities in a rigorous framework of essential knowledge and skill.

We believe children learn better when they are encouraged to use their imagination and apply their learning to engaging contexts. Our curriculum provides learning challenges throughout the academic year that require children to solve problems, apply themselves creatively and express their knowledge and understanding effectively across the curriculum.


In our approach to our curriculum we are committed to ensuring equality of access to the curriculum for all pupils. For further information on how we aim to meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Needs and Disability Regulations 2014, please read our Equality statement and SEND policy


At Boughton Monchelsea, homework is used to:-

  • reinforce classroom learning
  • contribute to children’s progress in school
  • provide opportunities to practise skills with parent/carer
  • encourage learning as a life-long process
  • promote habits of enquiry and investigation
  • support development of independent learning skills
  • promote an effective home/school partnership

Children are expected to read every day and will be asked to complete online Maths tasks and to learn spellings. In addition, we ask children to complete tasks selected from a Homework Menu, which is linked to the class topic. Children in Year R record their home learning in their Marvellous Me book and are set learning challenges related to their topic. The homework menu for each class is published on each class's web page and the Homework Policy can be found in the Policies section of this website.

Our topics
Please see the topic overviews for the topics the children in KS1 and 2 will be covering this year. Further information on the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage can be found on the Department of Education’s website.

Further information
For a breakdown of the National Curriculum expectations in reading, writing and maths please click on the appropriate year group.