Boughton Monchelsea Primary School
Church Hill | Boughton Monchelsea | Maidstone | ME17 4HP

Class 6

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

The children have enjoyed reading 'Stormbreaker' by Anthony Horowitz.  At the end of term they wrote their own action sequences, using the techniques they have been learning about to create suspense and tension in their writing.   

Here is an extract from Bert Davis' action sequence:

'Bolting up the bonnet of a Volvo estate, Alex scrambled away from the enraged men.  Keeping his composure, he pounded along the roof of a smashed car. He leaped into the open door way of another, almost snagging his jacket on a jagged piece of bodywork. Realising that there was no escape, he jumped down to face them.  

The first man charged at him like an angry bull, but Alex was ready for him.  He back-flipped over him, hooking his legs around the man's shoulders, flipping him over and smashing him to the ground.  The next man launched himself at Alex, flicking a mean piece of wire at him, but Alex cartwheeled out of the way.  The kick that Alex did next powered into the man's abdomen, rocketing him into another man, sending them both crashing to the floor.'


Light and electricity

From learning about how light is reflected to understanding how fibre optic cables work, using plastic bottles, torches and water, the children have explored the amazing science and inventions behind the things we take for granted at home, such as electricity, computers and broadband.  One of our favourite experiments was designing a fair test to understand if light bulbs would become brighter, or buzzers would become louder, if we increased the number of cells in a circuit and to consider why this happens.  Kayla, Keeleigh, Amie and Niamh literally lit up the room with their well-designed experiment, testing what would happen if they powered a bulb with three batteries instead of one.


Class 6 web designers

In the computer suite, the children created a logo and website for a spy school, run by Mr Blunt from Stormbreaker. They used ‘Wix’, an online web-design site, and each pair designed their entire site by themselves. Here’s an example from Jake and Piper

All the sites are now online, are currently being evaluated by among others, a leading UX researcher, and Ben Towers - a website entrepreneur.​ 


Brilliant buddies

We had a lovely message from the children in Class R in the last week of term, saying thank you to Class 6 for being kind and caring buddies in this very important first term.

We went to visit Class R recently and it was lovely to see the younger children being so proud to show their big buddies around their classroom, and share what they love to do at school. Thanks Class 6 for doing such a great job!

Term 3

One of our writing activities this term was to create a narrative describing the journey a group of animal characters, inspired by the story The Last Wild by Piers Torday. Here is how Phoebe started her narrative, showing why a wolf pack was forced to make their move:

‘Tonight was the darkest night I have ever seen. It was the night of the full moon. I was lying in my dad’s arms. I couldn't feel a heartbeat, nor the warm air from his nose. He just lay there. Dead still. We all sat howling into the moonlight, except me. My eyes were full of tears, and my heart was broken into pieces by the sadness that had just faced me right in the eye.

Our home had been burnt and destroyed by the berry-eye. We had no choice. We had to run away and find a safe home, far from this disease, and the humans. I saw my father lying in the soft mud. He is there forever now, among the taunting trees and the moon’s shadow. I have to let go. With my dad gone, I’m in charge of the pack. Decisions are left for me to make. I can’t let him down.’


In science we explored the evolutionary history of our species Homo Sapiens, as well as all life on Earth. We used a brilliant website:, which helped us see which animals were closely related to each other, and traced all life back to its common ancestor—around 3.5 billion years ago.


In art we did a project on self-portraits as animals.

Our first step was to do sketch self-portraits using pencil and paper and mirrors.

Next we selected an image of our chosen animal, and divided it up into sections using lines. Then we drew lines on a new piece of paper and used a careful copying technique to reproduce the original image.

Then we merged our two drawings together using tracing paper to create a portrait of ourselves as a hominid creature. Maybe some of these will become the humans of the future!