Boughton Monchelsea Primary School
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Class 6


Pupil reviews on term 1 topics


Street Child by Berlie Doherty

‘Street Child’ is an amazing, exciting and sad book.   It is about a Victorian boy named Jim.  He lost a lot of people along the way, friends and family.  

This book shows you the story of him trying to find somewhere to go.   People betray him and he ends up in bad places, but he gets out of the trouble.

I loved reading ‘Street Child’ and would highly recommend it to people who like adventure, as it is a very adventurous book.   He meets good people and bad people.  Will he be OK in the end?


Our Victorian School

In our Victorian topic we learned about many things to do with our school’s past, including sketches of the school’s architecture from over 100 years ago, different pieces of equipment Victorian children used and making a film.

We also looked at Victorian schools in general, including different types of school punishments and lessons.  Another thing we did was looking in the school logbook, where the headteachers could write about strange events that happened on a particular day.

Overall, we learned a lot about Victorian schools, and we are very lucky that our school has a long history.


Cross Stitch

Last term, my favourite thing that we did was cross stitch, because it was so much fun and it reminded me how little girls would make patterns on clothes and how long it must have taken.  In Victorian times, they didn’t have blunt needles to do cross stitch like we did.  They would have been very sharp, so their hands would have been cut twenty to thirty times a day.  It was also my favourite thing, because now I have learnt on a small piece of fabric, I can try to do it myself on my old T-shirts.   Its nice to learn how to design clothing.   I absolutely loved cross stitch.


Term 3