Boughton Monchelsea Primary School
Church Hill | Boughton Monchelsea | Maidstone | ME17 4HP

Class 5

Our first term book was called ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell Boyce.   There is a twelve year old boy called Liam Digby who grows too fast. He’s taller than average and he’s started getting facial hair so he looks like a dad.   He met a friend called Florida and pretended to be her dad.

One day he found a competition on his phone for a father and their child to go to ‘Infinity Park’ in China. Liam desperately wanted to go, but his dad didn’t, so he tricked Florida into going with him.

When they got to China, they went through many challenges like the ’vomit comet’ - a plane that was spinning, and finding their way through the Gobi Desert. Why? Because they were going in a rocket to space!

Read the book to find out more.                                                           MIllie


I really liked it when we did our amazing animations, because I like making events and jokes. Matilda and I were the first group to put text in ours. We had to make the video move more slowly, so we could read the text. My favourite part was when we got to watch everyone’s animations.                                                


The water rockets took nearly two weeks to complete.   First everyone had to bring in a water bottle, then we had to design our rockets.   Step two was to decorate the rockets.   Two days later it was time to launch the rockets.  


Miss Christmas had a big pump to pump the water up and then… whoosh!   They went flying into the air.   I think it was safe to say that the class got a bit soggy and wet but all of the rockets were outstandingly colourful.                


My alien was called ‘The Bond’. I said he’s the wrinkliest alien in the the business. He’s in a cloak, with a hood over his eyes and his beaming red eyes glow through his hood to scare astronauts that are on the moon because it’s his territory. He also has a secret sign language. How weird!    


The Adventures of Odysseus is an amazing action-packed adventure of love, loss, lively moments and terrible tragedies. It is about a man who was clever and quick-thinking. He was called Odysseus. It was about his misshapen destiny. He must learn humility and silence to get back to the place he loved most – Ithaca and the people he loved, Telemachus, his son, and Penelope, his wife. My favourite part was Chapter four. It was about Circe, a witch, who turned Odysseus’s men into pigs. How would he get them back?       Alexa

The masks we made had to be from Greek myths. I did the Minotaur, half man, half bull. The masks were made out of plastic. On top the mask was this soft stuff. I loved making the Minotaur’s gigantic horns.     Dexter

At the end of term two we made masks and put them on display. We used different materials to make the masks more realistic. My favourite was Aphrodite, made by Lois, because she used different coloured wool for the hair.   I also liked the Minotaur with the big horns. Making the masks was really fun because we had to make different characters like Greek gods.       Abigail


In term 3 our topic was Time Travellers and as part of this we made time machines. On day one we constructed the main frame with bamboo, zip ties and elastic bands. The next day we chose our colour of paper and got to work sticking it to the bamboo and drawing and colouring dials.   Later we added accessories like satellites and starting mechanisms.  Finally our models were done and our parents came to see.



Last term we did so many fun things. In PE we were doing dance.  We split up into groups and chose the song to dance to for the warm up.  Then we made a clock out of all of the people in our group. At one point in the music we all pretended to be clockwork figures by using jerky movements.  We danced to a song called ‘Time’ by Pink Floyd.



In art we drew clockwork figures. I made a crab called Filbert.  He would have very sharp pincers, and if he snipped you, you would lose that limb.  Lots of people drew angels.   I really liked Lois’s figure.  She drew Lyra, the school dog, which I found was great.


One of my favourite things about term 3 was in ICT when we did ‘Scratch’ on the computer. It’s where you make your own little cartoon.  You choose your own character and your own background.  Ours character was a unicorn and we made it dance and so much more.  This was definitely one of the high lights of the term.