Boughton Monchelsea Primary School
Church Hill | Boughton Monchelsea | Maidstone | ME17 4HP

Class 3

Class 3 started their Scrumdiddlyumptious topic with a trip to the Post Office to find out where different foods come from, what information goes on labels as well as which foods displayed the Fair Trade symbol. The children came back with lots of inspiration and full of questions which we were then able to use throughout the term. We had a visit from Warburtons, who gave us lots of information about the history of their company, where different food originates from and how bread is made. The children had lots of discussions about healthy eating and the afternoon ended with the children all making their own healthy sandwich – it was great fun! Following on from this, Class 3 worked in groups to create their very own smoothie recipes, which they had to brand, do their market research, advertise and finally make. They received really positive feedback from the parents, who came in to taste their creations. Using the feedback from the parents as well as their own opinions, the children then wrote a review for the smoothies.

We really enjoyed learning about the Greek Gods and Goddesses this term. Learning about the different mythical creatures was exciting, we even created our own mythical monster and hero, which we then wrote a myth about. During our computing sessions, we researched Greek facts and made a Power point presentation. At the end of term, we all had to present our findings to the class about a chosen Greek God or Goddess – some of us dressed up as our character too.

This term our topic if Mighty Metals. We had great fun learning how the apparatus in the playground works and which forces are in action for each piece of equipment. As part of our DT and Science for the term, we made our own spinners and tested them out on different surfaces to see which surface they would work best on. Following on from this, we designed our own playground equipment and had to explain how it would work using the forces that we had learned about – this was such a fun afternoon! Soon a councillor will be coming in to look at our designs – it would be great if he thought some of them were good enough to actually build for children to enjoy playing on!