Boughton Monchelsea Primary School
Church Hill | Boughton Monchelsea | Maidstone | ME17 4HP

Class 1

Class 1 have had so much fun in Term 1 and have really settled into school life. We started by exploring a book all about Planet Earth and we wrote our own amazing version of the poem ‘Wonderful Word’. As part of exploring our wonderful world we spent time in the forest, playing on the tyre swing and building dens. We also explored the seasons and after going on an autumn walk (in the rain!) and created a fact file about autumn. We started our yearlong investigation into the weather and our weather tree is slowly gaining more leaves documenting the weather each day.

In literacy we brewed a perfect sentence and have been trying really hard to write our own perfect sentences. One day a fairy door arrived in the classroom and left the children some magic beans which we grew. Over the weekend a magic beanstalk grew and the children produced some great writing about what was at the top of the beanstalk. We’ve made potions and ridden a magic broom to some interesting places around the world.

In art we explored portraits. We started by learning how to draw a portrait and used mirrors to really capture our own features. We then explored the work of Pablo Picasso and created our own abstract portraits before making a portrait sculpture from clay. The children learnt how to roll, pinch and glue the clay together and their sculptures are amazing!

Wow Class 1 what a brilliant term!


What a Wonderful World…

We see meerkats small and elephants big,

Sharks in the sea and birds in the sky,

And we think to ourselves, what a wonderful world.


We see birthdays being celebrated and children having fun,

Ice cream and jelly and bananas being eaten,

And we think to ourselves, what a wonderful world.


The dinosaurs that once roamed, their fossils found in amazement.

The mountains tall and the ocean deep,

And we think to ourselves, what a wonderful world.


Flowers bloom, crocodiles grin,

Our families mean the world and so do you

And we think to ourselves, what a wonderful world.

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