Boughton Monchelsea Primary School
Church Hill | Boughton Monchelsea | Maidstone | ME17 4HP

Class R

Term 1

Reception class have had a lot to learn in their first term and they have embraced it with big smiles on their faces! We have learnt some new friends’ names, teachers’ names and lots of routines. It is a busy day, with plenty to remember.


Our topic has been called, ‘Will you be my friend?’ and has taught us lots of skills to create and enhance new friendships. The class have shared the book, ‘On Sudden Hill’, which follows the journey of friendship between three little boys. The children have shared fantastic ideas about what it means to be a ‘big’ friend (special friend) and have shown how to be sensitive to friends’ feelings. Reception worked hard to create their own class rules based on some of these ideas.


We have loved role playing with the lovely donation of boxes. The children have explored different ways to use their boxes and then made plans for what they would like to do with them. We have used them for boats, planes, castles, towers, houses, cars and tractors to name but a few!


Mrs Cousins, Mrs Clark and Mrs Elphick are very proud of Reception class. They have worked very hard and settled into school life well. We even won the school pride cup in the last week of term! We are looking forward to term two and lots more wow moments.


Goodness me! What a busy term that was and what a lot of fun we have had too. The children are ever so settled now and continuing to grow in confidence, proven in their participation in the nativity!


Our topic gave us many learning opportunities to explore which were directed by the children. We had a builder’s yard role play area to build like the three little pigs! The children made a castle in the classroom where the Giant waited for Jack! In the stage area we saw many renditions of Goldilocks, The Gingerbread Man and Little Red Riding Hood. The children explored shape in maths and developed lots of specific mathematical language to use when describing a shape. We also started learning some phonemes and have begun using them to read and write some words. The children had to become detectives to work out who have ruined our classroom chair. By using clues and story book knowledge, we guessed it might have been Goldilocks. Keep your eyes peeled for wanted posters!!


The class decided they would like to bake gingerbread men for their parents at our end of term event. They worked very hard to roll out the dough and cut their shapes, making sure they didn’t run away! The children had a lovely surprise when Peter Pan arrived to see what the children had been learning this term and then sung a special song for them. Phew, I think we are all ready for our Christmas holidays!


Reception had a very busy term, including their very first visit to the local farm at New Line Learning. This was a brilliant start to our topic and gave the children lots of ideas for new questions and things they wanted to find out. Following this trip our visitor, Sam Smith from the National Fruit Show, explained that Kent has lots of fruit farms.

We thought about using local produce and learnt how we would know if something has been grown locally. The children applied this knowledge well whilst creating their own farm shop. The generosity of donations made the farm shop a real success. The children gained wonderful experiences by handling real produce and as a result created many learning opportunities including label writing, writing descriptions, making prices, using spoken language appropriately, designing new fruits and vegetables, creating tractor routes and finding out where produce had come from e.g. varieties of milk.

To finish the topic the children had a bread tasting session and reviewed their likes and dislikes, using all the senses. They then planned what type of bread they would like to create. With help from parents each child baked their bread, priced it up and practised how they would sell their bread including health and safety measures! The class created the name The Bready Bakers and thoroughly enjoyed selling their wares in their pop up farm shop. They tasted super!