Boughton Monchelsea Primary School
Church Hill | Boughton Monchelsea | Maidstone | ME17 4HP

Class R

Term 1

Thomas inspired us to open up a café in our role play area.  We took peoples orders and cooked them in the kitchen.  Tea and cake was a popular choice.

Felix and Miller set up their own pizza oven.  They used a variety of cooking utensils and put lots of different toppings on their pizza.

“We made pizzas.  I am cutting the things to put on top.” Miller

Term 2

Tractor Visit and Apple Talk

Selby’s dad works on a farm and he drove his tractor to school.  The tractors’ wheels were bigger than us!  Selby’s mum brought in lots of different apples for us to look at and taste.  We sketched the different apples using chalk pastels. We made our own apple juice.

Term 3

Snow Day

It snowed at school today.  The children put on their wet weather gear and had fun in the snow.  The snow felt cold and it melted in our hands.

“I wrote my name in the snow with my special stick.”  Kye


Term 4


We found an egg in our outdoor area!  We kept it warm in the classroom and it hatched!  The egg belonged to an Iguadon, a dinosaur that lived in Maidstone millions of year ago.

“It is big. I think it is a dinosaur egg.” Destinee

We used a trundle wheel to measure the length of different dinosaurs.  We compared the size of our feet with the size of a dinosaurs’ foot.  It was massive!

We looked at lots of fossils. 

We made our own dinosaur.  It was very long.


World Book Day

On World Book Day we dressed up as our favourite characters.

“I am the tiger who came to tea.” Betsy

We shared our favourite story with our year 6 buddy.

Forest School

I made a den.  I ate marshmallows on a fire.  We sat on logs.  I saw a squirrel.

By Harriet


I went on a bear hunt and I had some marshmallows and I had some bread.  They were yummy.

By Mia


I swapped places with Isabella.  I ate a pink marshmallow.

By Betsy


I made a clay monster and used sticks for arms and legs.  Sam cooked us some marshmallows and they were yummy.

By Charlotte


I played with Felix and Kye. I made a tent out of sticks.

By William