Boughton Monchelsea Primary School
Church Hill | Boughton Monchelsea | Maidstone | ME17 4HP

Class 6

Den making

On Thursday 9th February Class 6 went into the school woods and had a camp cookout. The intention of this was to learn how to make dens and fires, and to become more adventurous. We also did it because our class book was Rooftoppers. In this book two characters named Sophie and Matteo have a sumptuous meal on the roof where Matteo lives. We recreated this meal as well as we could and added some other foods in as well.

Class 6 started off by getting into groups of six; these groups were going to be our groups for making fires. Next, we started to gather wood, paper and useful things to make them. Then we made our dens using rope and tarpaulin. When the groups had a secure shelter we started to eat. Like Matteo and Sophie we had bread rolls, cake, tomato soup and lemonade (and we added marshmallows). In conclusion, Class 6 had a great afternoon – we had fun and learned a lot.

By Brandon

Vehicles, Gears and Engines

We are grateful to Ryan, Mrs King’s husband, for coming in to talk to us about gears and engines as part of our science topic. He explained how simple engines work and how they have developed into the ones in our cars today.

He brought with him an old gear-box and a real, working military Dodge!