Boughton Monchelsea Primary School
Church Hill | Boughton Monchelsea | Maidstone | ME17 4HP

Class 6

Term 1

At the end of term, Class 6 designed websites for a Spy school—the kind of place where an aspiring Alex Rider might do their training. Using a web-based design tool called ‘Weebly’, the children worked in groups to design logos, create text and plan their layout. They were really excited to finally publish their websites online at the end of term.

We got a real-life web designer to look at the children’s websites and give them feedback. They picked out Livvy and Poppy’s as being particularly well-designed. You can take a look for yourself at


Class 6 were fascinated by Term 2’s topic of the First World War. They engaged with their learning from the very beginning and were keen to explore the history and politics of the war, how it was fought, and what the human impact of the war was. The children did some brilliant investigating in their homework tasks and also created some beautiful commemorative art and craft.


Our Class novel this term was Stay where you are and then leave by John Boyne. It was a very emotional journey, following a young boy trying to help his family in difficult times during World War I.

One of the pieces of writing the children did was a letter in the character of Alfie’s dad Georgie. Georgie signed up to fight on the very day war was declared (against the wishes of his wife Margie), but later began to doubt he had made the right choice. Here is part of the letter that Maryanne wrote:


‘Dear Margie,

I miss you so much. Are you all OK? How’s Alfie? I hope Granny hasn’t been arguing as I know Joe is now home. Oh Margie, what I would give to be home, to be sitting in the armchair with a bag of sherbet lemons!

It’s horrible out here, Margie. I never thought life could turn into such a nightmare. Everywhere I turn there are more bombs going off, with black smoke going up in your face. And I have a terrible job. After everyone’s been out to fight, I go out with 5 other lads, collecting dead and injured people on a stretcher. Only one or two come back alive. They call it No Man’s Land.

You won’t believe what it’s like, just waiting in the trench for the whistle to go out and fight. It’s three terrifying minutes that feel like hours. It’s the only time when we have a bit of quiet…’


At the end term the children led an assembly to the rest of the junior classes. They chose to share their learning about the First World War in lots of different ways. We had a re-enactment of Mr Asquith’s cabinet of 1914, a short drama about life in the trenches and an inspiring look at an early meeting of the Suffragette movement. We also heard the children singing a war-time song, and reading famous poems of the time.


In our 'Darwin's Delights' topic we learned about evolution, and how the organisms we see all around us are adapted to their environment. We found out about Charles Darwin and how his observations led him to develop his theory of evolution by Natural Selection.


We welcomed back Charlotte from STEM, who gave us a fascinating talk on how horses have evolved over time into the beautiful and powerful creatures we know today. She told us that learning about the anatomy of animals can tell us a lot about how closely related they are to each other.


At the end of the topic we learned about 'extinction events'; events that had such a huge impact on planet Earth that huge numbers of organisms that were alive at the time became extinct, leaving only a few surviving. For our art project we imagined how homo sapiens might evolve after a change in the Earth's environment. You can see some of the results here!