Boughton Monchelsea Primary School
Church Hill | Boughton Monchelsea | Maidstone | ME17 4HP

Class 5

Term 1

Our topic during term 1 was 'Stargazers'.  We spent two weeks making and preparing our rockets ready for launch.  To make our rockets we picked out a clean empty bottle for the main body of the rocket. Then we started decorating the rockets with wings, bottle noses and NASA signs and plenty of others.  Finally they were finished and ready to be launched up into the sky.  We had to pump our rockets with air for what seemed like ages and then we realised that the connector was leaking air.  We had to abandon our attempts for the day but luckily we tried again after half term with much more success!


We studied a book called ‘The Adventures of Odysseus’ based on an Ancient Greek book by Homer. We did different activities.  For instance, we wrote our own Greek myths, we wrote a non-chronological report about the Ancient Greek Olympics and we compared and wrote about different paragraphs in ‘The Adventures of Odysseus.                                                                                                                   

- Keeleigh

We had lots of fun making masks of characters from ‘The Adventures of Odysseus’. I chose to make Tiresius, who is a character that Odysseus was told to go and see by Circe.  Tiresius told Odysseus a prophecy in which Odysseus finally goes home.

 - Max C

The masks were very delicate. We only had 30 of them, so we had to be very careful as there was only one each.  We started by drawing our design and then we had to paint them lots of different colours.  All of the masks were amazing.

- Imogen

In literacy we read a book called ‘Clockwork. It was written by Philip Pullman and I strongly advise everyone to read this book; the way that the three points of view intertwine to discover a tiny part of both people’s and mechanical robot’s lives is amazing!  I would rate this book 5 out of 5. 



We did a range of different activities. For example, we created our very own clockwork figures and made it come to life by writing our own story. We gathered information about two characters, Karl and Fritz and also wrote a formal letter of complaint to Dr Kalmenious as if we were another character, Prince Florian.



In term 3 our topic was about time travel. We did loads of fun things like our shoe boxes.  We got into pairs and turned shoe boxes into time machines by decorating the inside and the outside.



We looked at a pop art picture of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol and we made a similar copy of ourselves using pastels. Miss Christmas sprayed them with fixative.  It was one of the best moments of term.



Our pop art pictures looked really good. We started off by drawing ourselves.  We all used a mirror to help us.   Then we added details like our eyes, nose and mouth.  We added unusual colours:  for example, we made our hair blue.


In term 4 we made marble runs in Design Technology and it was really fun.  I made my one with Elden, Bert and Thomas.  We made one with a high ramp.  To do this we grabbed a big box and cut off the bottom.  After that we got sellotape and used it to stick the tracks in place.  We then decorated the top – we decided to put a start sign.  Finally we conducted a test run and it worked!



In term 4 we celebrated World Book Day and we were surprised when a real author, called Billy bob Buttons came to visit our school.  He went through class by class giving us little sessions about himself and how we could improve our own stories and become an author.

It was very interesting to meet a real author and to have all of our questions answered.  He told us a very cool fact about authors; it was that they have pen names, which means they have made up names instead of their real names which they put on their books. 

Billy Bob Buttons said it took at least a year to plan a book, and more than two years to write a book.  At the end of the day, he came into Class 5’s classroom and sold a lot of his books to people in the school.