Boughton Monchelsea Primary School
Church Hill | Boughton Monchelsea | Maidstone | ME17 4HP

Class 3

Term 1

As part of our topic we had the chance to make smoothies.  We learnt the importance of handling food safely and all made sure we washed our hands before we started.  We had great fun choosing different fruits and ingredients for our smoothies and even more fun putting them in the smoothie makers and watching as the were blended to oblivion!  We invited our parents in to try our creations and they all agreed that they were delicious.

During our Tremors topic, we learnt all about earthquakes and volcanoes, as well as different types of rocks and their properties. To start our topic, we went on a rock hunt around the school to see the different types of rocks and stones we could find. We were then able to group them and look more closely at their properties. We really enjoyed learning about the sculptor Andrew Goldsworthy, especially as we then used his ideas and inspirations to create our own sculptures using only natural materials that we could find outside.

We were visited by William to start our Term 3 topic of Tribal Tales, he spent the day with us teaching us all about the Stone Age. With him, he brought a variety of genuine Stone Age tools, skulls, which showed the difference between Neanderthal man and present day man, a tooth from a woolly mammoth (which was surprisingly heavy), bones from a sabre tooth tiger and Trixie, his interactive dinosaur. We had lots of fun dressing up as Stone Age people, using magnifying glasses to examine the artefacts he brought with him and exploring the Stone Age scenes too. The afternoon was spent making clay models of Stone Age animals – it was really tricky to get the clay to do what we wanted it to! Throughout the term, we have been looking at the story of Ug – The boy genius from the Stone Age, this has inspired us to write our own adventure stories set in the Stone Age. While looking at the Bronze and Iron Ages, we have learnt about the development of farming, homes, and settlements. We have even tried to grow our own oats and wheat. Our Bronze Age Jewellery designs looked amazing. During our dance sessions, we worked as groups to choreograph a tribal dance, these were fun to do and we were all pleased with the finished dances.